6th Grade SC Science: Plants Do Amazing Things

   Jun 19



Your grades will be graded for each Module during the course.  Each Module will contain a timed quiz, a discussion forum response, and an assignment.  The grading break down can be seen in the chart below.  Please review the following so that you will be aware of the expectations for each Module.  It is your responsibility to complete are assignments within the week allotted for each Module.  Please pay special attention to due dates.


Course Assessments


Eight quizzes will be administered during this session. You will complete each quiz online using Moodle. Each quiz will be considered open-book; you may consult all online course materials, or even external Internet resources. You are also encouraged to collaborate with your classmates currently enrolled in 6th Grade SC Science: Plants do amazing things, provided that you each submit your own quiz. You will be allowed a maximum of 120 minutes to complete each quiz, which must be submitted before the deadlines posted in Moodle.


Module discussions are designed to engage a student’s interaction with others in the course and provide constant, helpful feedback and assistance when dealing with various issues in online teaching and learning. Discussion postings should be courteous, thoughtful, and carefully written. To facilitate the discussion and prevent procrastination, two deadlines are scheduled for each discussion. Pay attention to each date.  You must submit your discussion answer by the 5th day of each week and must comment on at least two other classmates by the end of each Module week or 7th day.


These written items and online activities are opportunities for the students to demonstrate their abilities to apply the knowledge gained in the course, as well as from other education courses. Each assignment is directed linked to the reading found in each module.  Be sure to read the “To Do” list in each module for details about each assignment.




Quizzes 40%   (5% each)
Discussions 20%   (2.5% each)
Assignments 40%   (5% each)


Grades will be calculated by converting point accumulations for each assessment using the table below. Participants in this class must receive a minimum of an overall score of 70% to receive credit for this course.



93-100 A
85-92 B
77-84 C
70-76 D
69 or lower F


A grade of incomplete may be granted to students who have suffered serious personal illness or critical emergency circumstances during the academic term, resulting in failure to complete all assignments by the end of the quarter. Documentation from a physician is required and must be attached to the petition for a temporary grade of incomplete. Please contact the school for further details 843-264-9780.